Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chinese household appliance industry

CES in the United States from the beginning of the march to Shanghai expo (AWE2015), recently many manufacturers take turns to launch new products, wholesale nfl jerseysall kinds of bearing in just three months new concept, with new technology products, from the easy to catch to some 2015 home appliance industry direction and the latest technology trends.
Flat-screen TV: ultra clear, big screen, ultra thin into the mainstream
After the intelligence becomes standard, the TV product is more than the quality and the clarity has become the consensus. 4K TVS are a must, and many are adding their own 4K TV lines. At the recent China expo in Shanghai, sharp showed a full range of 4K products, including 4K TV, 4K curved TVS and 4K ultra-thin TVS. LG has brought in 4K OLED TVS and the latest in the true 4K range TV series, and samsung also has its SUHD super hd TV series.
Not only that, mainstream color TV manufacturers are still seeking to break through the ultra high qing road. For example, LG's to true 5K TV, and sharp resolution of 8K (7680 * 4320) LCD products, the details of these products are almost real, and the effect is more clear and shocking than 4K. According to the introduction, when the definition reaches 8K, the human eye can't tell the difference between the picture and the object, from the scene, it is also true.
Some manufacturers also use technology superimposed to make TV a more advanced. Like sharp in 4 k on TV with a new generation of four color technology, TCL, samsung, LG with the aid of quantum dots, make the product in color reduction, detail has made breakthrough progress, further bring more excellent quality for the user experience.
High resolution and fine quality can be seen on large screen, so the size of flat-screen TV is bigger than bigger. Home expo, sharp 85 inches large panel with 8 k resolution and 105 - inch screen surface of LG TV are particularly striking, the images show a strong visual impact, cheap nfl hatslet all the audience feel shocked. But whether 105 - inch inch 8 k, 5 k or 85 panel cost is very high, average household are not acceptable, so average consumption is still very far away, but they still represents the trend of the TV size grows.
On the other hand, the light and thin character of TV is becoming more and more obvious. Skyworth's 55-inch GLED, the thickness of the plate dropped to an astonishing 7.5mm. Sharp is a 70-inch ultra-thin 4K TV with a "thin, beautiful, beautiful" theme. The fuselage looks thinner and more impressive than the phone. It looks as if the colour, clarity and appearance of flat-panel TVS will be the key to every company in the next few years.
Health appliances are heating up in every aspect of life
The most popular home appliances are air purifiers. In addition to the display of the environment and health pavilion at the Shanghai expo, it is easy to see them in several other pavilions. In comprehensive category pavilion sharp booth, consumer electronics manufacturers every paragraphs shows 26 air purifier, and 2 with filter for car air purifier, even with a MINI COOPER to reveal its car air purifier products.
Under the dome, people pay more and more attention to the health of breathing, and the appliance manufacturers will naturally not ignore this potential market. In addition to the sharp, panasonic, samsung, LG, LightAir, 3 m, Westinghouse earlier have layout of the enterprise in the field of the latest air purifier product appearance, the author also see skyworth, hisense, supor brands have also joined the camp, and other unknown enterprise is more and more difficult to statistics.
From the whole point of view, it is not hard to see how the market for air purifiers is competitive. Brands have been designed to differentiate their competitiveness with differentiated products and value-added designs, with an increasing number of air purifiers with smart, user-friendly features.
In the author's opinion, the current air purifier industry is getting a lot of deer, and a large number of brands are flooding into the market, which inevitably brings chaos and disorder to the industry. But more and more consumer awareness of the air purifier, new gb after can also further standardize the order of market competition, provide consumers with more objective basis of choose and buy, in the future on false propaganda, the big, empty products will be gradually eliminated by the market.
With air purifier as the representative, health home appliance has become an important category in household appliances, cheap jerseysand has swept all aspects of life. In daily life, the use of the refrigerator, washing machine, even hair dryer and other small appliances are linked to the "healthy" function.
Panasonic's star baby infant dedicated washing machine, carrying the light silver anti-bacterial, innovation within 95 ℃ high temperature aseptic, antibacterial cone, cone self-cleaning prevent mould 4 antibacterial antibacterial technology, to remove surface stains at the same time, solve the deep bacteria threat for the consumer, to better care for the health of children.
Xia Puze launched many carry "net ionic group of purification technology of space" refrigerator, the technology of aseptic bacteriostatic effect on air purifier products got very good validation, used in the refrigerator, can improve the preservation performance. The technology is also applied to many kinds of products such as hair dryer and dryer. A "net ion group" hair dryer can inhibit static electricity and nourish the hair, while the dryer can remove mites and deodorize clothes and create a clean and comfortable home environment. In addition, the slow grinding, the retention of the fruit and vegetable nutrition, the "air small experts" known as PM 2.5 monitors, also became the bright spots in healthy living appliances.
The author thinks that these products permeate every aspect of our lives, not only to meet the demand of consumers, but also to open a new way of health and peace of mind. Japan, Europe and the United States in recent years the demise of the foreign home appliance brand, is not due to the poor quality of products, on the contrary, domestic electrical home appliances brands should learn foreign brand for the pursuit of quality, which will help the Chinese from the Japanese back into the rice cooker, toilet cover, thermos flask.
The process of "home intelligence" continues
The third obvious change is that the word "smart home" is being mentioned more and more frequently.
This is a field that has limitless prospects and is at this stage of controversy. Color TV products are now full of intelligence, but there is a time when their activation rate and activity are often joked. The product function is not practical, the system interface is chaotic, the operation is tedious, at one time leave very bad experience feeling to the user. Now that the situation has been better improved, color TV manufacturers began to make smart TV more palatable to consumers. The improvement of function humanization, Wholesale jerseyscontent and application of rich variety, all make intelligent TV activation rate and active degree accelerate growth.
Then came the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, air purifier and all kinds of small appliances, and more and more intelligent design. Based on the concept of intelligent interconnection, the refrigerator is equipped with intelligent diagnostic function, which is compatible with the corresponding mobile phone application, which can quickly diagnose various problems encountered in use. The air conditioner can be automatically set up to the corresponding ventilation mode according to the weather outside. The Internet can also realize the intelligent effects of remote control, automatic reporting of failures and human-computer interaction. Air purifiers also add real-time monitoring and intelligent voice alerts. You can also start cooking at the company when you're at work, control the water heater, and control the water temperature to the temperature you want...
These futuristic products do bring a lot of convenience to life and make it a reality. But for smart home, there is still a big problem. If you can't solve the problem of interconnectivity between various smart items, users will still be inconvenienced. Launched the current practice of each manufacturer is no longer only one individual intelligent home appliance, but tends to extend to the user to provide the overall solution for intelligent home appliance, such as changhong family Internet strategy was introduced in 2013, as the CHiQ TV, CHiQ refrigerator, CHiQ air conditioning each fall to the ground, the formation has been preliminary home Internet, namely through the platform structures, intelligent terminal of connectivity and implement different category.
Besides, midea and haier are also building their own smart home system, and jingdong, xiaomi and 360 each have their own layout. Smart home products vary, and the industry lacks a unified standard, which leads to the inability of different brands of smart products to intercommunicate. Such as consumer cheerfully selected yourself interested in all kinds of smart home products, only to find that several different brands of products are different to the requirement of control, some only support android system, while others must use the APP, let a person struggling to cope with, which restrict the development of the whole intelligent household industry.
At this year's two sessions, premier li keqiang made clear the "Internet plus" strategy to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of things with modern manufacturing. Standing on the "Internet +" tuyere of smart home industry, is facing a good opportunity for the development of the acceleration, but to really realize the open platform, a good user experience, may be after a long and complicated process.

What is the price of the Letv smart TV?

The most interesting thing about this year's 618 is not the results of the various TV companies, but the price reduction of Letv smart TVS is beyond the reach of other friendly companies. It is reported that from May 27, Letv mall official weibo has frequent promotion information, Letv TV has the highest straight down 1000 yuan, Cheap nfl jerseys chinaalso called the promotion "the greatest strength ever". And in contrast, before Letv has launched two rounds of price, one is in November last year, one is at the end of February, the surface is affected by upstream panel prices, it is deeply into the swirl of shortage of funds, single TV ecological increasing subsidies hardware lines, to increase added cash flow. The price of smart TV in more than half a year has seen the price of smart TV in two liters, which can be seen through the fracture of the capital chain, and the problem of improper management of management in Letv. This crazy price reduction is an urgent need to make up for the huge funding gap.
At the same time, we have to think about how much damage this year's negative news about Letv has done to its brand value. How many consumers will pay the price even if they hold the flag down? Letv foray into color television market, I believe, in the early by negative quickly occupied the market marketing strategy, achieved sales soared, this is understandable, but now under the consumption upgrade tide sweeping, consumer consumption is passionate about quality, price is no longer the only factor they consider buying, so Letv this price should not bring the tremendous growth in the sales. The sales growth of the price war is only temporary, and the color TV industry finally has to improve its product value through technology upgrading and product update iteration to drive sales volume and profit. In addition, Letv capital chain rupture make it proud, has also appeared in the content of the many new content or sports content cannot Letv video on see, cheap snapbacksand how many users will pay for the content of the Letv? So it would be no longer effective to subsidise the benefit of the latter, and Letv's return to the start-up world would be a tough one.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On Respect

I’m reading “Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”.  Queenie was still waiting for Harold. Thank God. Because of that, cheap nfl jerseysHarold decided to go on, and he decided to do it his own way. I’m glad to read that. It’s just too hard to insist on something when the whole world seems to be against it. In fact, Harold reminds me of another old man, and what happened to him today.
I’ve joined in several English learning wechat groups and this old gentleman came from one of them. It’s a large group of about 130 students. You can imagine how hard it can be to maintain it in certain rules and meanwhile to keep it as active as possible. And this gentleman stood forward and voluntarily helped to organize this group. He called himself Vice-monitor. From his conversation we knew that he always retired from work. His English is surprisingly good, if it has not reached at professional level, at least better than most of us. In the following days, cheap hatswe all know how serious he meant it when he said that he wanted to help. From day break to midnight, he has almost spent all of his time in this group. He seems to be on line all the time, reminding those who forgot to do homework, adding comments here and there on our speaking. Why does he take so much troubles in this learning group? No one is going to pay him for that. Perhaps he is bored, or perhaps he just like the feelings of being useful, whatever the story behind this, I think he deserves—at least—some respects for his efforts. I wonder if he was once a teacher, he sounds like one. Sometimes if he thought I didn’t speak right, he would ask me to do it again. I might hold reservations about some of his comments, but every time I happily do as what he said. What’s the shame of following the order from an old man, wholesale jerseyswho keeps learning after retirement, and who likes to give comments and suggestions to the others? As far as I think, that’s the spirit we should encourage and learn. However not everyone felt the same way. Another young student doesn’t like his way of doing. He dropped lines to question his qualification, hint that he was too intruding. And today, when he was trying to hand in his homework, he was interrupted by that old man’s comments on another student’s speaking, he exploded. “Blar, blar, blar, who do you think you are? “ “If you are so good, why not apply to be the monitor. If you are not, then stop acting like one.” “Just speak less, old man!” One by one, his words dropped like heavy stones, cheap snapback hatsthrowing to the old man.
I was shocked. I really didn’t understand what all these angers for? Is it really so hard for him to just say:” Hi, guys, it’s my turn. Would you please stop for just a few minutes?”
I’ve joined several English learning groups. Some of them are very quiet. No one shares, no one drops any messages. When the monitors calls for homework, few answered. Is this the right way of learning a foreign language? As far as I concern, you need someone active in a group to make it work. We should be lucky to have Mr. Vice-Monitor here to inspire the others. If you think a group too active, turn on Mute Notification button. If you don’t like your speaking being commented, just ignore it. If you don’t want the others suggestion, then at least learn to respect their efforts. There’s many better ways to deal with it, why choose the one that hurt the most? English is the tool of communication, cheap jerseysand the No.1 rule for communication should always be respect.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kathy will be joining in a minute

AC milan signings this summer action to develop very quickly in colleges and universities, and recently they have officially announced the Argentina defender musa keogh, cheap nfl fitted hatsthe Italian media reported that the two midfielders Kathy and than bounty has also been done in milan.
The Atlanta midfielder may formally join milan in a matter of days after he has come to milan for a medical examination. But the first physical examination seemed to have found a small problem on the cartilage of his injured knee. Then milan checked him further and the result was passed. On Thursday, Kathy will travel to the milan lab to receive a final check, and if it goes well, Kathy will be able to sign with milan.
Milan are also close to signing lazio midfielder fabio biglia. The Argentinian's contract with the biancocelesti expires at the end of the next season and milan are in the final negotiations with lazio over the transfer fee. Sky sports reports say the player has accepted a three-year contract with a salary of 2.5 million euros. If biglia has made 25 appearances in the season, cheap nfl snapback hatsan additional 500,000 euros will be available.
AC milan are hoping to take the midfielder for 20 million euros, but the bianconeri are asking for 22 million euros. La repubblica believes the final deal is likely to be completed in the form of $18m + 4m floating bonuses.


A bizarre anecdote has taken place in Brazil's serie b league, according to the British press 442. A man named fabio goalkeeper in his debut with the fee of ancient ellensburg appeared a mistake, cheap soccer jerseysat half-time, fabio shame or take a taxi to go home directly, but in the end, the team President and directly to be fired.
In a recent match in the Brazilian serie b division, feguelenus was against the team. Fabiolus was 38 years old, and this was the first time that he was represented. The first half was uneventful, but there was a little twist.
Wonderful work! The goalkeeper dropped the ball in the middle of the field and then got fired
Bo ADui players in midfield have had a long ball, the ball into the box, but bo ADui on player has not hit the ball, while fabio chose to attack, but the judge made a mistake, the ground too early, cheap MLB Hatsthe ball in his front directly into an empty net after bounce.
Although this goal is the responsibility of fabio, but his teammates and coaches are not blame fabio, but fabio may be very ashamed for his mistakes, so he left the field during halftime directly, take a taxi home.
Finally, in this game, fee ancient Ellen's 2-0 defeat at his opponent, but after the game, the team's President ali, said in an interview also has fired fabio: "fabio taxi go, when the interval not told us why he left, he didn't say anything. Yes, he had an error in the first half, cheap nba hatsI don't know because of the mistake or because he didn't choose to leave body injury. We now have fired him."

The appeal failed

Beijing time on June 1st afternoon, atletico Madrid it was officially announced that for the FIFA banned signings this summer appeal has been rejected, nfl jerseys cheapthis also means that atletico Madrid in the summer will not be able to register.
Atletico can only wait until January 1, 2018 if you want to sign up for a player. This is a huge blow to atletico, which also means it is difficult for atletico to release griezmann this summer.
Due to the introduction of violations and registered minor players, real Madrid and atletico Madrid in January 2016 by FIFA's transfer ban (transfer ban for two transfer Windows). But after real Madrid international sports arbitration court on appeal, the Milky Way battleship's transfer ban reduced to one transfer window), in this year's winter signings, window and window of summer can buy players in the summer.
Although atletico has appealed to the international court of arbitration for sport, cheap nhl jerseysthe verdict has been delayed. On June 1, it was officially announced that atletico Madrid international sports arbitration court after investigation concluded that FIFA for atletico Madrid penalty reason is clear, the penalty is reasonable, thus rejected the appeal of atletico Madrid.
It also means that atletico Madrid will not be able to register new players in summer Windows this summer, and will not be able to register with the new players until January. Atletico Madrid this summer is not can't for the sheets, the can like the Barcelona in A window of summer signings ban after the introduction of tulane and A - vidal, but get the second year in January to register again.
The ban will have a significant impact on atletico, not only in terms of the aid, but also in the sale of players. After it emerged that united for atletico Madrid striker lattice boltzmann is very interested in, and because the summer window cannot be registered players, heap ncaa jerseysso atletico Madrid in the summer to sell window lattice boltzmann probability has been close to zero.c

Unity, atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid yesterday received the transfer ban, cheap mlb jerseyssports arbitration court announced that atletico Madrid in the summer can not bring in new players, this means that before with atletico Madrid over diego - costa, pull card ze special star will not join atletico Madrid, atletico Madrid cannot timely reinforcing squad this summer.
However, in the context of such an unfavorable backdrop, gretzman, who has been in the grip of a transfer, has become the first player to speak out. After that sports arbitration court banned the transfer ticket, Gerry boltzmann wrote on their social network "atletico now should be more united than ever!"
By common sense, the chances of griezman's departure should be increased by the fact that he is unable to make up the squad. But he is likely to remain at atletico Madrid, cheap nba jerseyswith Mr Griezmann saying publicly that he is happy at atletico and the interest from Manchester united. His comments today are likely to suggest that he will remain in the lead over the unaided tide.